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Work Remotely in Barbados for up to 1 Year

The Barbados Welcome Stamp - Special Work Visa for those who wish to Work Remotely in Barbados for up to 1 year

On June 30, 2020, the Barbados Government announced the introduction of the 12-month work visa called the Barbados Welcome Stamp. This new work visa programme allows persons to reside and engage in their business remotely in Barbados for a maximum of 12-months. This Barbados Welcome Stamp / Barbados Work Visa is available to anyone who can meet the requirements (see below), whether individuals or families, with a desire to work remotely and live in Barbados.

Why would you choose to work remotely in Barbados?

In the words of Barbados' Prime Minister Mia Mottley - "We believe we have something very special to offer on this little rock we call Barbados. Our friendly people, professional services, commitment to education and importantly safety and security, all make Barbados an ideal place to live for both singles and families."

Sunny, safe and cosmopolitan, Barbados is a lure to anyone whose work is flexible enough to allow them to set up office remotely. Barbados offers you the backdrop of idyllic beaches, tropical landscape and work-life balance. And, you’ll still be earning your global salary. Barbados has a solid infrastructure in place, with a stable economy, good healthcare facilities, world class education from nursery to university level, and reliable and fast Internet connectivity. Barbados gives you a lifestyle that allows for safe and healthy outdoor living on a secure tropical island.

In regards to the COVID-19 situation on the ground in Barbados, the current statistics can be ascertained from the regional health authority CARPHA website: View Here. After reaching 0 active cases and ramping up testing, The Barbados Government implemented public health protocols to allow the resumption of tourism and associated services, an important economic contributor, whilst managing the approach in a cautious but decisive manner. The protocols have proven to be very effective thus far and God willing the island will continue to flourish.

Whilst residing on this special work visa called the Barbados Welcome Stamp, you will not be liable for any local income tax.

Barbados Welcome Stamp - Barbados Work Visa Application Requirements

Applicants wishing to apply under the 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp are required to complete a short application form and submit the following documents electronically:

  • Two Passport sized photograph
  • Bio data page of passport
  • Birth certificate (self/spouse/children)
  • Proof of relationship of dependents
  • Entry Visa (where applicable)

Upon approval the following non-refundable fees are applicable:

  • Individual – Fee of USD $2,000.00
  • Family Bundle – Fee USD $3,000.00


Book your private jet charter to Barbados
Our in-house concierge can assist with the planning of long-term accommodation and the Barbados work visa application

What types of Barbados Accommodation are available?

Barbados offers a wide range of short-term / long-term rental accommodation from condominium units, villa developments, gated communities and private estates. We work with local independent agents who are able to tailor their proposals according to your preferences.

Please Contact Us, we can offer assistance for the entire process of arranging your private jet charter to Barbados, long-term accommodation rental and Barbados work visa application.

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